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Google Profit

Lesson 1

So how exactly do you make substantial profits on the Internet?

Well there are literally thousands of ways to earn a living online. But many of those require things that you and I would never have access to such as, corporate bankrolls, and corporate manpower. I'm just a one-man business and I'm guessing that you are too.

So with that in mind I am going to show you a very powerful way to make profits online. With this extremely powerful method, your profit making potential is limitless.

-Intro to Affiliate Programs-

I know many of you are making great profits using affiliate programs, but I need to explain what they are and the power they hold so that everybody is on the same level for the next few

If you haven't discovered affiliate programs on the Internet yet, you are missing out on an extremely powerful profit-making source.

So what the heck are affiliate programs and how do they work?

Affiliate programs can vary from website to website, but the main idea behind affiliate programs is that a website will pay you for sending them buying customers.

You send people to a website, if they buy something from that website you get a cut of the purchase.

You will usually be paid either a percentage of the sale or a flat rate.

Here is a random list of websites that have affiliate programs. The dollar amount shows how much ONE SINGLE PERSON is earning every month with that affiliate programs.

1. $5,000/mo
2. $10,000/mo
3. $3,000/week
4. $8,000/mo
5. $18,000/mo
6. $50,000/mo
7. $5,000/mo
8. $15,000/mo

I could go on forever with these amazing figures.

Everywhere you look, people are making massive profits on the Internet. I'm showing you these figures in hopes that you will get excited about affiliate programs. If you can become successful in just one affiliate program, your life will change dramatically.

I personally am an affiliate with at least 40 different affiliate programs. Granted not all affiliate programs you join will be profitable, but if you can get just a few affiliate programs that are profitable, you can make a ton in profits.

Can you imagine working with ten different affiliate programs that convert 5 - 20 sales a day? If you were paid $15 for each sale, that would mean you could be making $22500-$90000 per month.

Even if you had a bad month and only made one sale everyday for each affiliate, you would still be making over $4500 per month. You may think all of this is outrageous, but trust me; there are tons of people out there just like you and I that are utilizing affiliate programs on the Internet and making huge profits from them.

How can all this be possible? The Internet of course!!! It's possible to advertise to hundreds of millions of people worldwide with the single click of the mouse button. The Internet is probably the most powerful marketing tool in the history of the world. Best of all anyone can use this powerful marketing tool. Anyone with a computer and Internet has access to millions of customers worldwide and the opportunity to convert sales on a very large scale.

It is becoming very evident that affiliate programs will have a huge role in the future of the Internet. Billions if not Trillions of dollars are spent through online purchases every year, and this number will continue to increase at an amazing rate.

It is also forecast that within 2-3 years, 50% of all online sales will be made through the help of affiliate programs. You don't have to be good with math to figure out that there is an enormous
opportunity waiting to be tapped.

But don't wait, act now!! Now is the best time to get rolling, if you can establish your self with online affiliate programs now, you will have good positioning to just sit back and watch your profits increase as the Internet continues to grow, which is inevitable.

Now I'm going to tell you the best part about affiliate programs. Once you get everything up and running, you can basically sit back and let the computers and the Internet do everything for you automatically.

You can spend as little as 3 hours a week and still bring in well over $5000/month. Affiliate programs are awesome!!

But remember, the more time you spend working, the more income you will make.

Think of it as a business, try to set some hours aside and write out some goals that need to be accomplished every week. Before you know it you will be making much more than you ever

Here are a few more reasons why affiliate programs are so great.

First of all, you don't need your own product. The owner of the affiliate programs will take care f dealing with the customer for you.

They will also collect the payments, shipping and handling of the products, deal with any complaints or questions by customers, they take care of pretty much everything.

The only thing that you have to do is send them customers. When that customer buys, you make a profit. It's as easy and simple as that. Just promote and receive a check.